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Hole 06 – Iso Rävä

This hole is called Iso Rävä. With its clear and fish filled waters Lake Iso Räväjärvi is a part of the lower reaches of River Kitka. This one of the most challenging par 4 holes on the course bends to the right. A good long drive should offer an excellent spot for the approach. But thn qgain if the drive is too long the player is in serious trouble. On the right side of the fairway is a long water hazard. Reaching the green requires a bigger club than what the player might beaccustomed to on this hole as there is approximately a 10 metre ascent. A brave approach at the green may increase the number of strokes if the ball goes over the green and in to the moss behind. The narrow fairway adds challenge to the tee shot. Par 4  Hcp 1 White 325 m Yellow 308 m Blue 290 m Red 272 m