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Hole 17 – Tiirikaiset

tiirakaiset The eight hole is called Tiirikaiset. Ritva and Auvo Tiirikainen were members 1 and 2 at the Ruka Golf Ry, the club which preceded Kuusamo Golf Ry. Both have since left us and this hole is named after them in honour of their memory. Ritva and Auvo’s contribution was remarkable for the start of golf activity in Kuusamo. This par 4 demands an excellent drive in order to succeed. Going over the water and the bog requires a 160 metres long shot from the back tee. Aiming the drive just left of centre makes it easier to approach the green. Trees on the sides of the fairway cast shade on the approach. There are big bunkers behind the trees on the right side of the fairway. Par 4   Hcp 7 White 362 m Yellow 317 m Blue 321 m Red 298 m